Azure VM Role CSUPLOAD Error 0x80070070 Cannot prepare VHD

Today I was trying to upload my base image to Azure via csupload so that i can attach this vhd to one of my virtual machine (VM) role. However, I got a strange error with no details. I kept on looking for the reason and finally I found the solution.

The error was as below:
Unexpected Error 0x80070070
Cannot prepare VHD C:\Users\user1\Desktop\baseimage.vhd

The reason for this error as i discovered was that the disk from where it was uploaded was full. When you use csupload it uses temporary directory for preparing image and by default it uses the location from where you are uploading your base image. So if this disk is full you get this error.

Delete some files from your drive to have more available space or use a location on another drive for temporary purpose using the switch TempLocation 

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