How To Create a Proxy Site

So do you want to create a proxy website for yourself. Proxy websites are easy to build and they can be up and running within 2 hours or so. They are really a great source for generating revenue from your site through advertisements and referrals. Proxies can be used to access the blocked sites in your office network, school, college etc.

So what does it take to create a proxy website of your own, so that you can make huge revenue out of it. Dave Turnbull has created a short, simple walk through that takes you through the basics on how to create a proxy site:

Making a proxy is easy. Upload some files, change some graphics, and slap up some ads, and you’re done. But making a successful proxy is a whole different ball game, and what this series of articles aims to help you with. I’ve made a few proxies myself, and for a very small amount of work, I’ve made some decent revenue.

If you want to read the entire article, click here.


  1. can you make a proxy that looks like a revistion web site for school kids?

    if yes can you make one for us please !!!

    :)and like name it lourne_more.
    2 make it look like a revistion site

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