Code Analysis in Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite

If you are using VS.NET 2005 Team Suite, code analysis is built into the IDE itself. In older version of VS.NET, you might have used FxCop externally for comparing against pre-defined rules or would have integrated with the IDE by adding FxCop as an Add-In.

To enable code analysis, open project properties, navigate to Code Analysis tab, select “Enable Code Analysis” and choose the different rules or categories that you want to run. When you do so, code that does not conform to these rules would be reported during build as warnings. Based on project needs, you can customize some of them to report Errors instead of warnings. This level of granular control helps in strict conformance to rules. For example, any violation of a design rule can be considered as a bad practice and hence should be configured to throw an Error rather than just a warning.

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