Visual Studio 2005 : System.Security.Principal new classes

New classes have been added to System.Security.Principal namespace in Visual Studio 2005

The System.Security.Principal namespace has three new classes in .NET 2.0. They are explained briefly below.

  • SecurityIdentifier: A Windows account is internally represented by OS as a security identifier. The account could be a user account, a group or a computer in the network domain. The SecurityIdentifier class encapsulates the binary representation of the SID.
  • NTAccount: A Windows account in human readable text form
  • IdentityReference: Acts as a base class defining common members for SecurityIdentifier and NTAccount. The class is not creatable by the programmer.

You can use either a SID or a name to identify windows accounts and can also derive one from the other as shown in the code snippet below.

//Get the security identifier of currently-logged in user.

SecurityIdentifier objSecId = WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent().User;

//Get the corresponding NT Account name.

NTAccount objNTAccount = (NTAccount) objSecId.Translate(typeof(NTAccount));

These classes can be used in conjunction with API for controlling ACLs under System.Security.AccessControl namespace.

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