Content Management System CMS

Content Management System CMS
by: Ruchira Sharma

Most of the organizations have global visions these days and these aspirations have their ramifications. One of which is creation and management of huge amounts of data. This activity is a time consuming process and requires a huge team of professionals to do so. Content management system, CMS is a system that allows you to organize your data and lets your organization to share, use, retrieve or search the data.

Content management system, CMS is a software that helps in organizing and facilitating creation of documents and content. This is also referred as a web application that is used to manage web content as well as websites. Generally, the system requires client software for creating and editing the article.

Content management system consists of two parts - the content management application (CMA) and content delivery application (CDA) the function of CMA is to allow the content writer or the manager without the knowledge of HTML to manage, create, remove or modify the content from a website without involving the webmaster. This information is used by the CDA to update the website. Most of the CMS systems have Web based publishing, revision control, format management along with search, indexing and retrieval of content.

The web based publishing allows the user to use templates, wizards and other tools while the format management feature allows formatting of different documents like the scanned documents and legacy electronic documents in PDF or HTML documents. The revision control helps in updating the content to a new or an old version along with tracking changes made by others in the files. CMS system also helps in indexing, retrieval and search of content. The user can search the data available with the help of keywords, the CMS system helps in retrieving the data.

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