BEA-010061 Error in deploying MDB in weblogic 10

Error Details:
<EJB> <BEA-010061> <The Message-Driven EJB: testingMDB is unable to connect to the JMS destination: Queue_use1. The Error was: Cannot get destination information. The destination JNDI name is Queue_use1, the provider URL is null>

It was showing “Not connected” in weblogic user interface also.
Platform Details: Developing a Message driven bean in eclipse 3.4.2 and deployed in weblogic 10

While creating the MDB in eclipse 3.4.2, it was found that there is no annotation regarding the queue name details. So, you need to add one more annotation “mappedName”. See below for more details. The “mappedName” should be the JNDI name of the queue.

@MessageDriven(mappedName = "Qmdb.use.request",
activationConfig = { @ActivationConfigProperty(
propertyName = "destinationType", propertyValue = "javax.jms.Queue") })

Check the weblogic console, if the MDB is successfully deployed, you will be able to see the following

Weblogic BEA-010061 Error Cannot get destination information

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